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PITT OHIO Web Services

PITT OHIO Web Services support different methods for  LTL customers to electronically link to our website, which can save you time. PITT OHIO Web Services currently provide access to: Rate Quotes, Pickup, Shipment Tracing, Transit Times and Images.

XML Interface

The XML Interface is ideal for automated computer to computer interface to PITT OHIO. Obtain an XML stream of shipment tracing data, without all of the HTML formatting information. This interface accepts one or more pro numbers and provides an XML formatted result suitable for XML parsers processing.

SOAP Web Service


Incorporate a link to the PITT OHIO website within your company's website. Output from this gateway includes an initial display of the latest shipment status for all shipments traced, with links to drill down to complete details. The B2B gateway may be accessed by using pro numbers or by using your own bill of lading numbers. This gateway is suitable for insertion into a frame or table cell.

Please contact with any questions regarding our web services.