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PITT OHIO Passport

The PITT OHIO Passport is your one-stop for all of the crucial documents necessary to get your shipments across the border without any delays.

  1. Shipper’s Bill of Lading (BOL)
  2. Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) or Commercial Invoice
    • Freight Value
    • Description of Freight
    • Country of Origin
    • Customs Broker with Phone # (24/7 preferred)
  3. USMCA Certificate of Origin, if necessary

Need Help?

Contact our Customs Clearance Agents to help with questions on your customs paperwork at 1-800-366-7488.

Need a Customs Broker?

Through our strategic partnerships, we can connect you with a customs broker to fit your needs. 
For next day service to the Greater Toronto Area, a broker who is open 24/7 is required.