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Sustainability - 2017 Annual Report on Sustainability

Looking back on 2017 we see a year of transformation!  PITT OHIO’s less-than-truckload service grew in shipments and tonnage as we expanded direct service in the Midwest with our sister companies Dohrn Transfer and U S Special Delivery.  We expanded across our enterprise solutions growing truckload service by 14% and almost doubling our Supply Chain Solutions service.  In 2018 we are continuing this transformation by evolving the focus of our sustainability initiatives to People, Planet and Purpose. 

Why Purpose?  Purpose speaks directly to PITT OHIO’s mission statement of Customer Driven, People Driven, Quality Driven.  When we think of Purpose, we think of what makes PITT OHIO different from any other transportation solutions provider: our culture of “Just Say Yes.”  That means going above and beyond whether it’s a customized service solution for a customer, new software development, or an internal efficiency improvement.  The way we achieve this difference is through service, safety and security, and innovation.

We understand the impact our business has on our customers, our communities, and the environment, therefore our commitment to People, Planet, and Purpose serves as an integral part of our sustainability policy.  Across our network, we look for ways to improve service, value our employees, be good corporate citizens, and giving back by aligning ourselves with various organizations who share our same approach of being committed to improving sustainability for future generations.

Sustainability Report 2017


Our employees drive PITT OHIO’s success.  They make our service happen day in and day out, regardless of mode.  Our growth in business means more jobs for our communities.  PITT OHIO added 4% headcount and over 70% of these new jobs were driver positions.  As part of our long-term growth strategy, in 2017 PITT OHIO launched the Professional Driver Apprenticeship Program.  This program is designed for individuals with limited driving and work experience to introduce new inexperienced people to the transportation industry.  The PITT OHIO Operations team will work with these apprentices to develop an individualized program to train on all levels of the operation from dock work to driving a non-CDL sprinter van to a straight truck and eventually tractor trailer.

Safety comes first when it comes to our employees.  PITT OHIO worked with the University of Pittsburgh to understand the effect that financial stress can have on drivers.  The fact is financial stress can take a toll on employees in and out of the workplace.  Using this study, as well as data from PITT OHIO’s SafetyBox™ software, they found financial worry leads to more distractions and made drivers 50% more likely to have a preventable accident.  As a result PITT OHIO launched a Rainy Day Fund for employees.  The Rainy Day Fund is an opportunity to engage our employees in a financial efficacy program to promote a consistent saving habit.  Participants in our Rainy Day Fund set up a regular payroll deduction into a savings account.  At the end of two 6 month periods the Company supplements the employee’s savings.

The Rainy Day Fund, new and upgraded facilities and equipment, and many other reasons are why PITT OHIO is proud to be named one of Pittsburgh’s Top Workplaces for the 7th year in a row as surveyed by employees through Energage LLC.  PITT OHIO has been named a Top Workplace in numerous other locations including Richmond, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. 

Externally, PITT OHIO continues to give back to our communities.  Donations are given through both employee payroll deduction and participation in events like the Pittsburgh Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, Earth Day clean ups across our many terminals, and our annual Rock and Bowl event.  This year’s total was 28.7% more than our 2016 donations!

Donation Graph


Miles Per Gallon

In 2017 as the business grew, the miles driven by PITT OHIO trucks increased 6.5%.  That increase is like going around the earth over 240 times!  So miles per gallon performance is more critical than ever to our carbon output.  

Putting the right freight on the most efficient truck immediately improves our environmental footprint.  The majority of these additional miles were run on our straight trucks which get over 50% more miles per gallon than our tractors.  The team ran 2.6 million miles on cleaner-performing compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors.  Finally our Operation team added trailer skirts on 200 trailers to improve mpg performance.

MPG Graph

Other Highlights

  • Replaced propane forklifts with electric forklifts at 2 terminals (Norristown PA and Cherry Hill NJ)
  • Added trash compactors at 4 facilities which reduced trash pickups from 2-3 a week to 1 pick up every 5-7 weeks
  • Started work on new Parma OH terminal, which will qualify for LEED certification and will include solar and wind renewable energy
  • Company-wide electricity is down 6%
  • Natural gas used is down 2%
  • Company car miles are down 2%
  • Estimated airline miles are down 10%
  • Reported to Carbon Disclosure Project, as well as Ecovadis
  • Received the EPA SmartWay Excellence Award for the 2nd year in a row.
  • Reduced paper usage by 2% in 2017 over 2016 and 7% over 2016, which is a 2 year savings of 200 trees


Service, safety and security, and innovation are the core competencies of how we do business and are how we define Purpose.  Purpose for us means the best-in-class service our employees provide to our customers every day, whether in the truck or on the phone.  It includes the continuous investment back into our equipment, our buildings and, most importantly, our people.  Purpose relates to how we give back to our communities through donations and through participating in many events across our terminals.  Developing innovative solutions for customers and internal efficiency is part of the PITT OHIO purpose.  All of these things are what makes PITT OHIO and the PITT OHIO Transportation Group different from any other provider.

We were proud to be named a winner of the 2017 Logistics Management’s Quest For Quality Award for the 23rd time.  This coveted award represents our customers’ choices for the best in carrier performance and customer service. 

In safety, two PITT OHIO drivers competed at the American Trucking Associations National Truck & Step Driving Championships.  Mike Miltenberger from our Cumberland terminal took 1st place in Maryland in the 5-Axle Class and accumulated the highest score out of any other competitor in the state earning him the highest award of the day, Grand Champion.  Jeff Pentrack placed 1st in the 4-Axle Class in the Ohio competition.

Across our operating modes, we grew 1.6%.  In LTL alone we grew 2.8%.  We continued to operate in a financially responsible and stable manner as audited by Schneider Downs.

2018 Vision


  • Continue to develop a diverse, engaged, safe, and well-trained workforce
  • Implement advancement and apprentice programs


  • Continue to partner with the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering to research and develop electric vehicles
  • Parma facility
  • Additional wind energy in Harmar
  • Continue research on wind energy in Columbus
  • Measure renewable energy
  • Continue to measure and track carbon footprint
  • Continue to partner with the EPA’s SmartWay program


  • Develop a Terminal Award for Sustainability
  • Highlight PITT OHIO’s customer-centric approach to quality, service, and innovation
  • Continue to give back to the communities we serve
  • Identify customers and reach out to them on sustainability
  • Operate efficiently and be financially sustainable

For more information about PITT OHIO’s sustainability program, please contact Candi Cybator, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations or visit our Sustainability section on our website.