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Sustainability - 2016 Annual Report on Sustainability

In 2016, PITT OHIO continued our positive growth and furthered our collaborations with our customers, our community and our transportation partners.  We continue to make sustainability a priority throughout our organization. Like many we focuson the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit.  Sustainability enables the Company to operate more efficiently while bringing high performance and high value solutions to market which in turn enables our customers to grow their businesses and reduce their supply chain costs.


PITT OHIO’s success can be traced to one key strategy: putting people first.  We invest in our people by providing our employees with a clean and safe work environment, solid compensation and a robust benefits package, and a work environment that fosters open communication where all are treated with dignity and respect. These initiatives enable PITT OHIO to gain access to a reliable and motivated workforce that is available 24/7 to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We aim to drive a very high level of employee engagement with the Company’s mission to be People Driven, Customer Driven, and Quality Driven.  In 2017, we are proud to share that our internal employee engagement metric, administered by Spring Industries, was an industry leading 76%.  Customers, vendors, and community members all benefit from this investment when our drivers deliver an exemplary on time, damage free, friendly customer service experience.  This premier level of service is a long term investment that sustains our Company.

Part of the PITT OHIO culture is giving back. Our employees donated more than $110,000 through both payroll deduction and participation in many events. This year’s total was over 10% more than 2015!

PITT OHIO Giving Back


PITT OHIO invests in the planet by committing to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions on a per shipment basis while growing our business.  We recognize that our greenhouse gas emissions are a waste byproduct and a cost driver.  PITT OHIO leverages our sustainability initiatives to take cost out of our operation by boosting our fleet’s MPG performance and efficiency.  Improved MPG performance significantly lowers our operating expense.  In addition, we partner with the university and research community to pioneer the installation of innovative solar and wind power generation solutions that allow us to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Miles Per Gallon

After 2 brutally cold winters, in 2016 PITT OHIO did see another reduction in MPG performance.  In the interim, our Safety and Operations teams made the decision to raise the speed on our speed governors to allow our trucks to travel with the normal flow of highway traffic.  (Our focus on safety and our drivers outweighed the incremental MPG improvement.)


In terms of capital investment, the company added 24 more compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors to our fleet and added trailer skirts to our trailer pool.  The CNG tractors emit 11% fewer emissions compared to a diesel tractor.  The trailer skirts reduce wind resistance and improve MPG performance.


Over 2014 and 2015, PITT OHIO added 75,000 square feet in our buildings in order to accommodate our growing operations.  These building initiatives were all done with energy efficiency in mind.  Two of these buildings, our Cincinnati vehicle maintenance shop and our Harmar terminal, have been LEED certified.  We estimate that the kwH per square footage in our new building spaces is 32% more energy efficient. 

In addition, PITT OHIO is proud to be working with the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering and WindStax™ to leverage wind and solar power at our Harmar facility.  There are 180 solar panels installed on the roof in Harmar and we currently have one WindStax™ wind turbine, with the potential for adding more.  We estimate that 180-200 kWh/day is being generated from renewable energy sources.  PITT OHIO has partnered with the University and other local industry partners to integrate renewables through a DC backbone coupled with battery storage capability.  We are excited by the future of renewable energy and look to further prove out this concept when we begin building our new Parma, OH facility.

Carbon Output

We estimate through all of these initiatives that we’ve saved almost 1,000 cubic metric tons of carbon.  We continue to reduce our carbon output per shipment as we become more efficient.

PITT OHIO Carbon Saved

PITT OHIO Carbon Output


After a 3.5% reduction in paper in 2015, PITT OHIO reduced paper usage by another 7.6% in 2016.  That’s equivalent to 156 trees saved!

Awards and Recognition

  • EPA SmartWay Excellence Award
  • One of Pittsburgh’s Top Workplaces for the sixth year in a row as surveyed by employees through WorkplaceDynamics, LLP.  A Top Workplace for the first time in both Cleveland and Cincinnati. 
  • 2016 Logistics Management’s Quest For Quality Award
  • 2016 NASSTRAC Carrier of the Year


Across our operating modes, we grew 1.6%.  In LTL alone we grew 2.8%.  We continued to operate in a financially responsible and stable manner as audited by Schneider Downs


PITT OHIO is focusing on the following areas to further develop its sustainability program:

  1. Construction of a new LEED certified operations facility outside of Cleveland, OH.
  2. Continue to invest in new equipment, bringing in more fuel efficient vehicles.
  3. Further engage customers on sustainability; work with our customers to develop specific customer carbon reports.
  4. Develop next level measurements that normalize carbon due to weather or increased building square footage.
  5. Research electronic file storage to reduce paper and reduce building space.
  6. Continue datacenter renovation utilizing SmartRow technologies for more efficient power and cooling and lessening overall footprint.
  7. Build on our SmartWay membership by finding new, actionable metrics that engage management, customers, the community, and employees and that measure individual and team success. 

For more information about PITT OHIO’s sustainability program, please contact Candi Cybator, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations.

For more information please visit our Sustainability section on our website.