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Sustainability Mission Statement

PITT OHIO is committed to doing our best to achieve environmental and social responsibility.  We understand the nature of our business and the impact we have on our communities, our customers, and the environment, therefore our commitment to People, Planet, and Purpose serves as an integral part of our sustainability policy.  These three P’s work together to shape PITT OHIO’s Sustainability Mission Statement connecting our purpose to everything we do.  We believe in being good corporate citizens and giving back by aligning ourselves with various organizations who share our same approach of being committed to improving sustainability for future generations.


Core beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation, creating a team environment where our employees feel respected and appreciated.  Employees are our most valuable resource and serve as the backbone to our culture. The culture at PITT OHIO is built around our employees and a companywide goal of developing a reputation for delivering unmatched customer service.  From day one we have remained committed to developing a diverse, engaged, safe, and well-trained workforce. 


As our business grows, so does our miles driven by PITT OHIO trucks.  So our commitment to renewable energy, fuel efficiency and our planet as a whole is more critical than ever to reducing our carbon output. 


Purpose is what makes PITT OHIO different from any other transportation solutions provider.  Purpose is creating innovative solutions for our customers and internal efficiencies in our business while also maintaining a strong public image through support of the less fortunate, social responsibility, and safety of the people with whom we share the road.

2019 Report Supply Chain Brain - CSCMP Sustainability Smartway Partner - PITT OHIO Member