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SAFETYBOX™ Case Studies

SAFETYBOX™ helps you put safe, compliant, well-trained drivers on the road. The SAFETYBOX™ software developed by PITT OHIO integrates all of your existing databases into one convenient, secure, online location to create unprecedented work process efficiencies and overhead cost savings. The case study below details the customized SAFETYBOX™ solution implemented with a Fortune 500 client.


A company explores options to more efficiently manage, track and report on safety, compliance and risk management of its drivers. Read a case study detailing how a large Fortune 500 pharmacy health care provider in the United States managed its drivers’ compliance with safety protocol with a manual process by using paper, spreadsheets and on-board computers.

*Case studies open in a new browser window as a PDF document. If you do not have an Adobe Reader, click hereAcrobat File