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The Reliance Network

Reaching Farther For You!

At PITT OHIO, our Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service can reach farther for you, so we want you to change the way you look at shipping your North American LTL freight. PITT OHIO is proud to be a member of The Reliance Network - a network of strong regional carriers each known for exceptional customer service, dependable on-time delivery records and a strong reputation within its own territory. The Reliance Network creates a unified coalition for all freight services by erasing the borders of each carrier’s boundaries - providing all the benefits of cross-continental coverage, minus the typical hassles.

Specializing in:

Seamless, 100% coverage across all of North America.


  • Rather than managing multiple carriers, The Reliance Network offers you a single source of accountability. With one call, PITT OHIO takes care of everything and will manage all of your door-to-door shipping needs.
  • Experience more consistent transit times with our reliable transportation resources and efficient equipment that includes more than 25,000 trucks and trailers.
  • Seamless coverage through hundreds of service centers across the continent and exceptional customer service from more than 15,000 team members with the needed expertise.
  • Never question where your freight is with our complete, real-time shipment visibility from origin to final destination.
  • Our secure data management puts you at ease and our accurate administrative processes with full-service PRO number tracking, tracing and invoicing capabilities is one less thing you need to worry about.
  • The Reliance Network has taken a proactive approach to safety and sustainability by forming a committee dedicated to ensuring consistency in these areas.
  • Guarantee your peace of mind and Fast Track your North American shipments with our NEW TRNet Guarantee
TRNet Map

Carriers of The Reliance Network

  • Averitt
    The most trusted name in Southern freight and logistics, Averitt has mastered the art of moving freight in and out of its core 13 Southern states. Recognized as a flexible and responsive provider of quality, on-time services, Averitt is the perfect carrier for freight moving In and Out of the South.
  • Canadian Freightways & Kingsway
    The first transportation company to offer guaranteed on-time pickup and delivery in Canada, Canadian Freightway and Kingsway specializes in just-in-time and customer-centric supply chain strategies. Canadian Freightway and Kingsway take pride in providing customers with the highest level of service.
  • LME
    The respected elder of The Reliance Network, LME covers the Midwest like no other. With perfectly placed service centers and a 97.9% on-time delivery record, it’s easy to see why the most trusted name for innovative, customer-focused service in and out of the Midwest is LME.
  • Mountain Valley Express
    Mountain Valley Express, a family-owned direct load premier LTL carrier, provides a 99% plus on-time service. This process-driven carrier offers one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry. Mountain Valley complies with all environmental standards and provides one of the finest safety records in the trucking industry.
  • Peninsula Truck Lines
    With an uncompromising commitment to customers, Peninsula Truck Lines is the premier regional carrier for over 950 cities and towns throughout the Northwest United States. Peninsula’s focus on providing the most consistent AM delivery service possible is the driving force that has established consistent growth and award-winning results for the past four decades.
    In between the North and South, there’s no better partner than one company that has been focused on the customer since day one. PITT OHIO brings a strong commitment to excellent service and a competitive advantage to customers with cross-border activity in and out of the Mid-Atlantic states.

For the first time, a network of LTL regional carriers, The Reliance Network (TRNet) won a National LTL Quest for Quality award. The Reliance Network is honored to be recognized by the readers of Logistics Management for our performance, service and value to our customers.Quest for Quality

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