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National & International Expedited Service

PITT OHIO´s enhanced and simplified Fast Track service is now your global expedited solution with the ability to deliver all of your urgent shipments inside and outside of our direct service area. Simply tell us when and where you need your shipment delivered and we will customize a Fast Track solution for you.

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Specializing in

  • Expedite
    Use this solution when our Day Definite or Time Definite solution is not fast enough. With our Expedited service we can guarantee the delivery of your most critical shipments any time or day and we can even make a same-day-delivery! Expedited service is available for shipments in or out of our direct service area.
  • Time Definite
    Does your shipment need to deliver before 5:00PM? You can guarantee that your delivery will occur by a specific time. This service is available for shipments delivering in either our direct or extended service areas.
  • Day Definite
    Use this solution when peace of mind is what you need. With our Fast Track Day Definite solution, we'll guarantee your delivery by 5:00PM on our standard published transit day, both inside and outside of our direct service area.


  • When an important shipment needs to be there, you can depend on PITT OHIO's award-winning, reliable, 99.8% on-time expedited service to deliver your urgent shipments.
  • With just one call, we can provide an expedited solution that is the best fit for what you need.
  • When peace of mind is important to you, our Day Definite service is the value you are looking for, throughout our direct service area and all of North America powered by TRNet Guarantee.
  • We know the visibility of your urgent shipments is crucial, so we've made it quick and simple to monitor your expedited freight online with our real-time tracking and tracing.
  • Rest assured when expediting your freight with our exceptional value and money back guarantee.
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At PITT OHIO, we understand that when you have an expedited shipment you need it to be delivered on time. This is why quality is an integral part of our service and because of our commitment to this promise; customers have voted our Fast Track service as a Quest for Quality winner nine years in a row.

Money Back Guarantee

PITT OHIO's money back guarantee applies to all Fast Track Services and is subject to the following conditions:

  • All Fast Track Day Definite shipments will be delivered by 5:00 pm on the standard published transit day, whether inside or outside of PITT OHIO's direct service area.
  • Directly serviced Fast Track Time Definite shipments will be delivered on the standard published transit day by the agreed upon time, subject to a fifteen minute grace period. All Time Definite shipments delivering outside of PITT OHIO's direct service area will be delivered on the standard published transit day within a two hour delivery window (grace period) of the agreed upon time.
  • All Fast Track Expedite and Same Day shipments are subject to a two hour delivery window (grace period).

We stand behind our Fast Track Services and offer a money back guarantee of up to $500 on all expedited surface transportation.

To safeguard your Fast Track Delivery we encourage you to call by 3:00PM and have your freight ready for pick up by 5:00PM.

We reserve the right to not honor Fast Track Guaranteed Service commitments when the freight is not available for pickup by 5:00PM. All charges for Fast Track Guaranteed Services are in addition to all other freight and assessorial charges. Fast Track Guaranteed Services are subject to a fuel surcharge and the rules identified in PITT OHIO's Rules Tariff.

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