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At PITT OHIO we understand that it is important to have all your shipping needs at your fingertips. That is why we have developed e-business tools that create value for your company.  With the ability to conduct business electronically, your customers will have better visibility into their supply chain.  PITT OHIO has developed an award-winning website that provides our customers with the necessary tools to conduct business more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Specalizing In:

At PITT OHIO, we ensure that our technology will meet your needs.  Whether you require the ability to incorporate our rate quotes, freight charges, or real-time tracking and tracing information; we can seamlessly integrate them into your system or website.  We currently support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocol for LTL and TRUCKLOAD, Electronic Invoicing for LTL and TRUCKLOAD, business-to-business XML interface, and web services, enabling you to provide the highest tier of service to your customers.  We are also able to leverage the use of our on-board computing systems to deliver superior on-time performance and remain environmentally conscious.

PITT OHIO is dedicated to learning more about your specific operations, your service needs, your customers and their expectations. We host Customer Advisory meetings, which is an interactive forum where we gain a more in-depth understanding of customer requirements.  Through this collaboration with our customers, we gain better insight in how to improve our technology efforts.

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Mobile Tools:

PITT OHIO has a mobile application and a mobile website which allows our customers to stay connected anytime, anywhere.  Mobile customers can now download our application on their Apple iPhone© or Apple iPod Touch© application as well as access our mobile website at  PITT OHIO enhanced its communication and visibility to its customers, employees and overall general public by joining the social media network and launching a Facebook, a Twitter, a LinkedIn and a YouTube page.

PITT OHIO has the flexibility and agility to turn innovation and new technology advancements into a competitive differentiator for our customers. Our objective is to continue to be innovative and use our technology to make shipping effortless for our customers.

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