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Sustainability - Green Fleet & Facilities

PITT OHIO works every day to reduce our Carbon Footprint by improving vehicle practices and retro fitting our facilities. It is our goal to promote the construction and maintenance of buildings that are environmentally responsible, efficient and healthy places to work.

PITT OHIO Vehicles


PITT OHIO Facilities

  • Operating a modern, well-maintained fleet of the latest model tractor trailers, straight trucks and sprinter vans
  • Progressive and proper shifting
  • Speed management – all equipment is subject to a 65 mph maximum speed
  • Leverage on-board computers to measure MPG per truck, terminal and region
  • No idling which eliminates excess waste and pollution
  • LEED Certified facilities in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati (read more about our solar and wind renewable energy microgrid)
  • Light bulbs are replaced with more energy-efficient fluorescent compact eco bulbs, saving an average of 4,231,680 KWH
  • Appliances are energy-efficient with the energy star label
  • Water free urinals, which conserves 40,000 gallons per unit per year
  • Touch-less faucets in kitchens and restrooms
  • Portion controlled, hygienic towel dispensing systems
  • Waste product and paper recycling at all facilities


In 2017, PITT OHIO’s Pittsburgh Terminal received enough points to officially certify the location as LEED Gold. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Certification requires a building to meet certain sustainability standards in water, energy, and material usage efficiency, all of which the terminal has met and surpassed.

The 55,000 square foot terminal, responsible for servicing the Pittsburgh region, utilizes a low-emitting Energy Star roof positioned to reflect the highest percentage of the sun’s rays, cooling the surrounding area and lowering air conditioning costs. 150 LED lights are used in replacement of incandescent, saving about $2,000 a year in electricity. A geothermal well was put in place to utilize the Earth’s temperature as a heat source in the winter and a heat sink in the summer. The project also uses renewable solar and wind energy with a 60kw photovoltaic array and a WindStax Turbine. The energy cost savings, when all forms of innovation are taken into account, are over 45% when compared to a conventional building.

The entire site uses sustainable landscaping including bioswales, or man-made elements placed to remove pollutants and dirt from runoff, and drought tolerant native plants to cut down on water usage and prevent flooding. Low-flow appliances and fixtures are also projected to save over 30% of the water that conventional fixtures would use in the same buildings.

The Pittsburgh terminal is the company's second LEED Gold certified building. The 22,000 square foot Maintenance Shop Building located on the same campus received Gold distinction in late 2016.