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Sustainability - Planet

PITT OHIO's signature commitment, "We're Always There For You!" goes beyond the treatment of our employees and customers. At PITT OHIO, "We're Always Thinking Green!" as well. We are a SmartWay Transportation Partner, but our commitment to sustainability and to the environment goes even further.

By actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint on the road and at our facilities, we are on the forefront in preserving our planet with our green initiatives. As our business grows, so does our miles driven by PITT OHIO trucks. So our commitment to renewable energy, fuel efficiency and our planet as a whole is more critical than ever to our reducing our carbon output.

PITT OHIO will continue to look at innovative ways to help our planet and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Green Initiatives

To sustain a healthy planet, PITT OHIO initiated green practices including recycling, EPA SmartWay Transport Partner, and renewable energy.

Carbon Calculator, CO2 Track

To better assess the impact PITT OHIO’s business practices have on the environment, the company developed a Carbon Footprint Calculator we’ve named CO2 Track. The Calculator will also help PITT OHIO’s environmentally conscious customer’s measure their individual carbon footprints and how the distribution of their goods contributes to carbon emissions.

Green Fleet and Facilities

Our responsibility to the planet goes beyond our fleet of vehicles and includes the maintenance of our buildings as well. Both are done in a way to promote environmentally responsible, efficient and healthy places to work.