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A Letter from the President

PITT OHIO has been known as a reliable, dependable and flexible Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) carrier for over 30 years. Our focus on quality and innovation continues to be the foundation of our organization and these characteristics, which have defined our brand, still hold true today.

We've always made it a priority to listen to our customers needs. This commitment to responding to our customers has given us great insight into what the marketplace needs, which encouraged us to introduce new transportation services. In the past few years we've developed SUPPLY CHAIN, GROUND, and TRUCKLOAD services, which have allowed us to stay relevant in a marketplace that is constantly changing.

Another key component to our organization is technology which we use to develop a one-to-one customer focused approach for you and create customized solutions that make doing business with PITT OHIO easy.

We make the investment and commitment to take PITT OHIO and our services to the next level, rest assured, our core attributes remain the same. We strive to be the best in the industry and we will continue to listen to our customers and what they need. At PITT OHIO, "We're Always There For You!"

Thank you for your interest in PITT OHIO – we hope you choose us as your transportation solutions provider.

Charles Hammel

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