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LTL Instant Rate Quote

Obtaining a rate quote with PITT OHIO is quick and easy using our LTL Instant Rate Quote. While this tool is offered to existing customers and those interested in exploring PITT OHIO, existing customers must be logged in to obtain rate quotes specific to their company's pricing.

You are not currently logged in and will receive a rate quote based on PITT OHIO's standard rules tariff. If you have been setup for instant rate quotes, please login before proceeding. If you would like to have access to your company's customized rate quotes, please request access by updating your user information.

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We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are currently unable to provide an online quote for the shipment specifications you entered above. Please submit your rate request via email to or contact us at 1-800-291-7488.
An LTL quote number must be assigned to each quote and written on the Bill of Lading (BOL) to be honored. To request a quote number, please click "Assign Quote Number" below.
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This rate quote is an estimate only and is subject to change due to pricing agreements, additional charges, minimum charges or other restrictions. Shipments that occupy 8 feet or more of available loading space may be subject to cubic capacity or linear foot rules. Charges are also based on the shipment characteristics and national fuel surcharge (based off of the U.S. National Fuel average) on the date tendered to us. PITT OHIO reserves the right to review or audit all information provided to us.