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At PITT OHIO we understand that it is important to have all your LTL shipping needs at your fingertips, that's why we offer a variety of tools to help you streamline your billing process and conduct your business electronically.

Online Bill Pay
Online Bill Payment, powered by United TranzActions, gives you the ability to safely and securely make payments on your open invoices.

Freight Charges
LTL freight charges are available through our online service up to 365 days from the date of the pick up.

Invoice Reporting
Invoice Reporting allows you to access open invoices by LTL pro, open invoices by aging, and open invoice summary.

Invoice Correction
PITT OHIO's Invoice Correction application allows you to request an audit of a shipment's freight charges if you feel that they have been incorrectly billed to your account. Each submission will be individually reviewed based on the regulations listed in the PITT OHIO Rules Tariff and your company's contract, where applicable.